My Songs (Released so Far)

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‘Rise showcases Laura’s ability to craft compelling narratives and deliver them with sincerity and authenticity”  - The Indie Grid

“I need to feel the music to like it. It doesn’t necessarily have to be emotional, but a track has to mean something to the artist before it can mean something to me, or any other listener. And I feel this tune very intensely.” - Florian Maier

“The stream of consciousness words over a simple guitar, flute and strings backing show a more emotional side of the songwriting craft.” - 

“Midlife Crisis” :

“British charm at it's finest” - Send Me Your Ears

“Pure honesty with a a smile” - Florian Maier

“If you are of an age, her song Midlife Crisis is very relatable” -


 “Little Grey”

“Intimate and inviting” - Send Me Your Ears

“It has a Joni Mitchell intimacy, a Fiona Apple sentimentality and Amanda Palmer obscurity. Interestingly enough, while these comparisons can be made, Dannan retains authenticity and originality in her music creating something purely Laura Dannan.” - The Other Side Reviews

“This song is unbelievably cute and because of Laura’s sense of humour, it just makes her an even more endearing artist. More please Laura.” - Del Osei-Owusu