Laura Dannan is a singer songwriter from Hertfordshire, UK.

With her quirky narrative style and relatable lyrics, Laura's songs combine story telling with the use of vivid imagery as she brings a lighthearted approach to pondering life's trials and tribulations.

Becoming a musician slightly later in life, Laura initially learnt to play the drums, and proceeded to launch a successful drummer interview series and vlog called "Drum Quest" on You Tube :

Then in the first lockdown of 2020 she decided to teach herself guitar, and her love of songwriting really began.

Fast forward to now and Laura has had a great couple of years performing and sharing her songs to wonderful audiences in a variety of places including folk clubs, festivals, and iconic London music venues including "The Troubadour" and the "Half Moon Putney".

Laura is also founder of The Flying Squirrels Club - more details can be found here: /the-fsc

Laura lives in St. Albans, a beautiful roman city just north of London, and is mum to two teenage girls... and Stella the cat. She is rather partial to a large glass of red at about 5pm and likes to consume  chocolate frequently. Laura is a sunset lover who also enjoys making candles and aromatherapy potions ( she is a qualified Aromatherapist ). As well as that, she loves sharing musical joy with little ones in her work as a part time early years music teacher. 

At the moment Laura is focussing on recording her songs and working on her first album, so please sign up to her monthly blog / newsletter ( enter your email below) to keep in touch and hear about how things are going with that :)